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Dacia Logan in India

Mahindra, the biggest 4×4 manufacturer from India will start in 2007 the production of Dacia Logan models at the Mumbai factory. The start for the sale of Dacia Logan is set for the first trimester. The indian company has 51% of the mixt company Renault-Mahindra and will invest 22 million $ and will make 50,000 […]

Dacia Logan 1.6L Prestige

The long time waited 16 valve engine has been mounted on the Dacia Logan some time ago. This Dacia Logan, called the Prestige, has other modifications also, besides the 105HP engine. Overall, the Dacia Logan is a better car, with a better look and some better performances, getting to 190-200km/h on the highway. Some other […]

Dacia Logan, new selling plans?

Sources from inside the Renault company have said that the success that the Dacia Logan had in Western Europe had made the french think of a new selling strategy for the Dacia Logan. If untill now the Dacia Logan has been “tolerated” in the show-rooms dedicated to other brands, starting from 2007, the Dacia Logan […]