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Dacia Logan sales are down in Romania

The auto market stagnated in Romania at the beginning of 2007. The internal producers, like Dacia Logan have registered a significant decline, while the importers sold more. In January 2007 the auto market in Romania registered a very small decrease when compared with the similar month in 2006. 14.364 units were sold, down 0.04%. The […]

Dacia Logan MCV will be launched in Algeria

The Renault group will launch on February 18 in Algeria, the break version of the Dacia Logan, the MCV.  The diesel engine version  of the Dacia Logan break will cost in Algeria 1.02 million algerian drahma, the equivalent of 11.000 euro, while the price for the other versions haven’t been announced. In Algeria, the Dacia […]

4000 Dacia Logan were sold in January in 26 european countries

Over 4000 Dacia Logan were sold in January in Europe, 5% more then in the first month of 2006. 4049 Dacia Logan were registered in 26 european countries in January 2007, 4.6% more then in January 2006 when there were 3871 sold. France was the most important export market for the Dacia Logan with 1798 […]

Cheaper car on the Dacia Logan platform

Renault wants to build a cheaper version of the Dacia Logan, using the same platform for the new vehicle. The price of this car would be between 2000 and 4000 euro, declared Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan, according to Financial Times. The next generation of the Dacia Logan will be more competitive in the cost […]

Dacia Logan soon to be launched on four new markets

Carlos Ghosn, president of the Renault-Nissan group, declared today that by the end of the summer they will begin selling Dacia Logan on four new markets, India, Iran, Argentina and Brazil. The production and selling of the Dacia Logan will begin in Iran in the spring of this year, according to Ghosn, when he presented […]

Dacia Logan Van, 10.000 units sold in 2007, estimated

Dacia Automobile estimates a 10.000 units sold in 2007 in the internal market, for the new model, Dacia Logan Van, declared for Rompres the general director of the company, Francois Fourmont. The Dacia Logan Van is the third model and was launched last week, with the orders starting pouring in the second day. The new […]

New Dacia Logan optional: lateral airbags

There is a new optional for the Dacia Logan now, lateral airbags. The price of the lateral airbags in the Dacia Logan is 200 euro. The new safety systems will be available both for the sedan and the MCV and the Van versions. In the case of the sedan, the lateral airbags can be ordered […]