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Heavy competition for Dacia Logan in India

The new Dacia Logan sedan, made by Renault and Mahindra&Mahindra in India, which will show up in India at the beginning of next month, will compete in the indian small car market, for which the indian authorities give reductions in taxes.These facilities are given for cars with a length smaller then 4 meters, and an […]

Dacia Logan, a huge success in Iran already

One week has passed since the start of the sales for the Dacia Logan, and already 100,000 orders have been made in Iran for this model. Iran Khodro and Saipa, the companies that assemble the Dacia Logan in Iran have announced that they have 50.000 pre-ordered sales each, making for a total of 100.000 clients […]

Dacia Logan might also be built in South Africa

There are some rumors that the Dacia Logan might be also built in South Africa. Until now it was only known that the Dacia Logan will be sold in South Africa, announced in February 2006. The reason is probably the large demand for the Dacia Logan, and Renault looking to increase production of its cheap […]

One third of the Dacia Logan production was pre-ordered for Iran

Renault received from Iran 100.000 orders for the Dacia Logan model, while the deliveries will not start until May 2007, according to the french press. The iranian clients have payed an advance of 5400 euro to ensure they’ll get a Dacia Logan when it starts to be sold. The Dacia Logan will be sold in […]

The new Dacia Logan will be launched first in Brazil, then in Europe

The fourth model of the Dacia Logan series will be launched in Brazil by the end of 2007, before the european launch that is programmed to take place in 2008, declared Luc Alexandre Menard, member of the executive branch of Renault. The decision is that of the executive director, Carlos Ghosn, said Luc Menard, who […]

Dacia Logan Hatchback will be launched before the end of 2007

The fourth model of the Dacia Logan lineup will probably be launched by the end of 2007, and it will be the Hatchback variant. Unfortunately it will be launched in Brazil first, and only after that in Europe. In Romania and Europe the new Dacia Logan Hatchback will be sold in 2008. The announcement was […]

The Dacia Logan project has a 1.7 billion euro price tag atached

Renault invested 1.7 billion euro so far in developing the Dacia Logan and all the models with the same name, like the sedan, the MCV or the Van. This price includes the funds used for extending the production capacity for the Dacia Logan, announced yesterday Renault. To modernize the Dacia Logan plant at Pitesti, Renault […]