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Dacia Logan Sport Limited Edition

Starting from April, the Dacia Logan representatives from Morocco will offer the Dacia Logan Sport limited edition. There will be 500 happy customers with a Dacia Logan that has an aerodynamic kit. Made with parts from Renault, the Dacia Logan Sport has as extras a sportier front, that offers a more dynamic and aggressive look […]

Dacia Logan SUV in 2010 – 13000 euro

The pictures below were published by the french magazine AutoPlus. Its the first time the french press offers some information on this future Dacia Logan SUV model. The informations gathered by the french magazine are pretty optimistic. The first Dacia Logan SUV will show up in 2010 and will have a price of 13.000 euro. […]

Two limited series of Dacia Logan launched

The two new Dacia Logan versions launched are the ABS Plus and the Easy. The Dacia Logan ABS Plus comes with ABS (duhh), fog projectors, and lateral airbags, and doesn’t include the air conditioning or other expensive bonuses. Its a version built for those that still want a cheaper version, but prefer the safety features. […]

This is how the Dacia Logan is made

Over 400.000 Dacia Logan circulate on the roads of the world right now. When you first enter the Dacia Logan factory at Mioveni you’re overwhelmed by its size, of over 3 million square meters. The factory works non-stop for the 850 Dacia Logan that exit the gates each day. This translates in a Dacia Logan […]