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All Dacia Logan cars might have ABS in the future

Car manufacturers from the European Union might need to pass stricter tests to certify their cars. One of these might be the ABS system, that will need to be mounted on all new cars. One of the manufacturers affected by this decision is Renault and Dacia Logan. Right now, these are the Dacia Logan models […]

High resolution car wallpapers

Sponsored post: If you’re a car fan (which you obviously are if you’re reading this blog), you might be interested in high resolution car wallpapers. If you’re anything like me, then you probably switch your desktop wallpaper often, just because you saw that nice photo and you just have to admire it all day long. […]

Dacia Logan brings 10% of Renault’s profit

Dacia Logan brought Renault a net profit of over 100 million euro last year. That’s more then a 75% increase when compared with the previous year. With the help of an increased production, costs were cut from the Dacia Logan and contributed to this financial success. While the sales were up by 30%, the profits […]

Dacia Logan will be launched in Great Britain in 2008

The Dacia Logan will probably be launched in Great Britain in 2008, according to the british auto publication, AutoCar. It hasn’t been decided yet which of the three Dacia Logan versions will make it there. The biggest chances are that the Dacia Logan Break will be exported to Great Britain, said sources close to Renault. […]

Dacia Logan being produced in Argentina and Brazil

The Dacia Logan will be launched in Argentina and Brazil in May and June 2007, according to the Renault Commitment 2009 plan in South America. The Dacia Logan became available in South America two years ago when it was launched in Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador. In Argentina, the Dacia Logan will be an addition to […]