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Sponsored post: I’ll say it from the get go. I’ve been in this situation and at least two other friends of mine. I’m talking about being young and wanting your first car. Or having some years of work behind you but looking to get an expensive car so you can feel like you’re living. After […]

Dacia Logan Pickup officially announced

The Dacia Logan Pickup was officially announced by Dacia a few days ago This is the fourth model based on the Dacia Logan and its a low cost utility vehicle. I’ve managed to find only two photos of this car. The romanian constructor made this announcement in the same day when VW launched 8 models […]

Dacia Logan Gets a Better Diesel Engine

Dacia Logan sedan and MCV will both get a new diesel engine, a 1.5L. This engine has 85hp and 200Nm at 1900rpm. With this new engine, the Dacia Logan will consume 4.6 liters/100km for the sedan, and 5.2liters/100km for the MCV version. CO2 emissions are at 120g/km for the sedan and 137g/km for the MCV. […]