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Dacia Logan MCV German Commercial (VIDEO)

  Here is a german commercial for the Dacia Logan MCV. This is the translation someone provided on YouTube: The salesman asks the family how much they want to spend for their new car they`re looking for. The mother says that their budget is only 8400 €uro. So he shows them what they get for […]

Dacia Logan Named One Of The Best Cars Not Sold In America

In its latest edition, Business Week named the Indian variant of the Dacia Logan, made by Mahindra, One Of The Best Cars Not Sold In America. The article gives credit to Dacia for being the original source of the model. India’s Mahindra & Mahindra would probably love to export cars to this country some day, […]

Dacia Logan Blog Changes

Finally, the DNS changes are over (I hope), and I can start working on the new version of the blog. More information, updated more often, a new look and probably a forum sooner or later. All these will come in the next period and hopefully the new site will be a pleasant surprise for everyone.

Dacia Logan Pick-Up and Sandero launched in Romania in 2008

Dacia will launch in 2008, in Romania, two new models. The first is the Dacia Logan Pick-Up, and the second is a derivate of the Sandero model. Sandero, presented in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show, will be the first model that Renault launches first outside of Europe. Sandero is a small class model, with […]