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Will This Be The Look Of The Dacia SUV?

  By 2010, Dacia plans to enter the SUV market with their own model, based on the same strategy they used for the Dacia Logan, a low price, under 15.000 euro. And so the Dacia line of models will increase. After the Dacia Sandero was launched, they’re preparing to launch a 4×4 in 2010. And […]

Dacia Interrupts Production For 4 Days

The production activity of Dacia will be temporarily interrupted in the days of 30-31 October and 13-14 November 2008, as they need to adapt their production to the commercial demand. Only the vehicle assembly is affected, as cars will continue to be sent to dealers and parts will still be made. Dacia’s daily production is […]

Dacia Logan MCV Facelift Launched In Paris

Dacia Logan MCV facelift was launched at the Paris Auto Show, with some extra technical options and a launch date for November 2008.

Dacia Sandero Diesel Unveiled In Paris

The Dacia Sandero Diesel was launched yesterday at the Paris Auto Show, in two variants.