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Dacia SUV, From June 15th In The Show-Rooms (Rumor)

The first Dacia SUV will appear in show-rooms starting from June 15th, according to unofficial sources.

Future Dacia Logan, 75% Romanian

An official from Renault announced that the future version of Dacia Logan will be made in proportion of 75% in Romania.

Dacia’s 2008 Financial Results

Dacia’s revenue in 2008 was 7.663 billion RON (2.073 billion Euro), which is 10% higher than it was in 2007. The profit was 213 million RON (60 million Euro), after taxes. The 2008 production at Dacia saw a total of 242,415 Logan and Sandero models being built, an increase of 8.8% over the previous year. […]

Dacia Sandero Diesel Comes In June

Starting from June, Dacia will launch the diesel powered Sandero and this summer they will also launch the 1.2 petrol engine that will power both Dacia Logan and Sandero. Initially, the diesel engine for Sandero was announced for the first trimester of 2009. The exact moment for the launch of the 1.2L petrol engine is […]

Dacia Wants To Export 75% Of Its Production in 2009

Dacia intends to export this year 75% of their production, according to Francois Fourmont, the general director of Dacia Renault. “This year, 75% of Dacia’s production will be exported. The company will get through the crisis period better than many other manufacturers, because the situation from the auto market changed the preferences of the consumers […]

Romania Is Now The Third Largest Market Of Dacia

Romania became in February the third biggest market for Dacia cars, on the first two places being Germany and France. Francois Furmont, general director of Dacia declared that Germany took the second place from Dacia in February, while France remained on the first place. France took the number one spot from Romania as the largest […]

Renault Group Asks For Help From The Romanian Government

The Renault Group asked the Romanian government for 170 million Euro worth of help for Dacia, the Titu Technical Center and the Dacia and Nissan Romania providers. The announcement was made the Francois Fourmont, the general director of Dacia. Out of the 170 million, 28 million Euros are for the Titu Technical Center and 40 […]