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New MCV to be launched

Dacia is planning to launch model of its popular MCV. Here are a few must know details.

Dacia to stop production of Cars

Yes you heard it right “Dacia will stop the production of Cars”, but only for 28 days. The company is going through a technical overhaul and will stop production of cars for from 3rd of August to the 30th of August. The entire production team of 14,000 people will go on a vacation for these […]

Dacia the best Romanian Car

Dacia Logan’s popularity is growing by the day. Today it is the highest selling car in Romania and the article gives you the numbers to prove it.

Romanian Police to buy Dacia Logan

Recession has Romanian police hard and it has reduced the number of vehicle purchases. The Romanian police which was supposed to buy 1,836 vehicles is buying only 820 vehicles. Even thought the requirement of the department is for more than 15,000 vehicles it is restricting the purchase of vehicle to only 820. Out of the […]

Details of the New Models

As I informed the readers earlier that SUV that Logan is planning the launch an SUV, now the news is that Logan is planning to name its SUV either Duster or Kanjara. However, when I contacted company officials they were not very forthcoming with their comments. Did a little research and found out that Kanjara […]

New Models from Dacia

Dacia is planning to launch a Multi-Purpose Vehicle, SUV and a Sedan in next two years. The company currently has five models in the market and with the addition of these 3 models the total number of models will increase to 8. The SUV is the first model that is likely to be launched. The […]