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Will Renault be the same without Fourmont?

Francois Fourmont is one of the key persons who is responsible for the success of Dacia in Romania. However, with his retirement the company could be adversely affects.

Kanjara has been spotted finally!

Guess which country had the privilege to see the Kanjara on road. If you thought it was Romania, you are wrong my friend. The SUV was spotted at store parking in Puglia, a small province in Italy. The SUV looked awesome and had solid looks both from the inside and outside. The inside of the […]

Renault to take a re-look at its Indian JV

Losses and low market penetration is forcing Renault to take a re-look at its Indian JV.

Is Dacia Logan going to be revamped?

The company plans to revamp the Logan model. Here are a few details.