Dacia Logan Break

Dacia Logan break to be launched in Western Europe

Automobile Dacia will launch at the beginning of this year on the occidental markets the Dacia Logan MCV model, sold in Romania starting from October 2006. The Dacia Logan MCV is the break version of the Dacia Logan sedan, a model that entered the market in 2004. The Dacia Logan MCV can be configured in […]

Dacia Logan Break launched in Romania

The Dacia Logan Break was officialy launched in Romania yesterday and it already had a first round of tests. Unfortunately not in traffic, but on the airport where it was launched. The new Dacia Logan Break is handled easy it seems but things could be worse if the car is brought in traffic, due to […]

Dacia Logan Break – between 8200 and 11600 euro

Dacia has launched at the Paris Auto Show its newest model, the Dacia Logan MCV (Multi Convivial Vehicle) and it will be sold in Romania starting october this year and to the other Dacia Logan markets starting from the beggining of 2007. The Dacia Logan Break has a capacity of up to 7 seats and […]

Dacia Logan Break launched thursday in Paris

Dacia Logan Break will be launched in Paris thursday, more then six months after the Steppe concept was presented and two years after the first Dacia Logan rolled out of production. Current information seem to indicate that Dacia Logan Break will have the same engines as the sedan version, with a new diesel showing up […]