Dacia Renault

Renault planning to make Dacia Logan in Algeria

Renault is planning to set-up a factory in suburbs of Algiers, which will have a capacity of making 50,000 vehicles in a year. Renault plans to sell the entire production of Dacia Logan and Dacia Sandero locally. Renault is likely to invest millions of Euros to set-up a factory in Algeria. The setting up of […]

Dacia Logan facelift in Russia

Renault is planning a facelift of Dacia Logan in Russia by the first quarter of the year 2010. The company has entered into collaboration with the officials in Russia to manufacture and market Dacia Logan. The company has invested 100 million in its joint venture called Avtoframos to make and sell Dacia Logan in Russia. […]

Is Dacia Logan going to be revamped?

The company plans to revamp the Logan model. Here are a few details.

Dacia Increases Production And Hires 500

Even though the crisis hit most of the auto manufacturers, Dacia seems to go quite well and they will be increasing their production capacity from 1200 to 1340 cars per day, starting from June 15th. Thanks to the programs from different countries that try to boost the auto economy, Dacia benefits since the Dacia Logan […]

Dacia’s 2008 Financial Results

Dacia’s revenue in 2008 was 7.663 billion RON (2.073 billion Euro), which is 10% higher than it was in 2007. The profit was 213 million RON (60 million Euro), after taxes. The 2008 production at Dacia saw a total of 242,415 Logan and Sandero models being built, an increase of 8.8% over the previous year. […]

Dacia Wants To Export 75% Of Its Production in 2009

Dacia intends to export this year 75% of their production, according to Francois Fourmont, the general director of Dacia Renault. “This year, 75% of Dacia’s production will be exported. The company will get through the crisis period better than many other manufacturers, because the situation from the auto market changed the preferences of the consumers […]

Renault Group Asks For Help From The Romanian Government

The Renault Group asked the Romanian government for 170 million Euro worth of help for Dacia, the Titu Technical Center and the Dacia and Nissan Romania providers. The announcement was made the Francois Fourmont, the general director of Dacia. Out of the 170 million, 28 million Euros are for the Titu Technical Center and 40 […]