Dacia SUV

New Models from Dacia

Dacia is planning to launch a Multi-Purpose Vehicle, SUV and a Sedan in next two years. The company currently has five models in the market and with the addition of these 3 models the total number of models will increase to 8. The SUV is the first model that is likely to be launched. The […]

Dacia SUV Photos, Without Camouflage

Yesterday I wrote about a camouflaged model of the Dacia SUV which was spotted in Romania and today we have clear photos of the model, without any camouflage on it. Check them out and let me know what you think about the look of the future Dacia SUV. Source: DaciaClub.ro

Dacia SUV Spy Photos

Here are some spy photos of the Dacia SUV, due to be launched in 2010.The name of the model will be Steppe. Apparently Dacia Steppe will come with both 4×2 and 4×4 traction, which will be borrowed from Nissan. The difference will be that the Dacia SUV will have a much more competitive price. Steppe […]

H79, The Project Name For Dacia SUV

  The project name for the future Dacia SUV is H79 and it’s been 7 months since it’s in development. The tests of the car will begin in a few months at the test site from Arges, Romania. These tests will check the technical parameters and behavior of the model. The tests for Dacia Logan […]

Dacia SUV, From June 15th In The Show-Rooms (Rumor)

The first Dacia SUV will appear in show-rooms starting from June 15th, according to unofficial sources.

Dacia SUV Will Be Launched At Geneva

The first Dacia SUV model will be launched at the Geneva Auto Show, together with a compact sized concept. The Dacia SUV was 80% designed in Romania by RTR (Renault Technologie Roumanie). The model is in its final stages and its introduction is only a calendar problem. The Dacia SUV will not be based on […]

Will This Be The Look Of The Dacia SUV?

  By 2010, Dacia plans to enter the SUV market with their own model, based on the same strategy they used for the Dacia Logan, a low price, under 15.000 euro. And so the Dacia line of models will increase. After the Dacia Sandero was launched, they’re preparing to launch a 4×4 in 2010. And […]