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  Hi there. Just wanted to remind people that follow this blog, that you have the option to subscribe by RSS or Email to it, and you will receive the latest news about Dacia Logan, Sandero and any other future models launched by Dacia. If you want to subscribe by RSS click here. If you […]

Dacia Logan Blog Changes

Finally, the DNS changes are over (I hope), and I can start working on the new version of the blog. More information, updated more often, a new look and probably a forum sooner or later. All these will come in the next period and hopefully the new site will be a pleasant surprise for everyone.

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Sponsored post: I’ll say it from the get go. I’ve been in this situation and at least two other friends of mine. I’m talking about being young and wanting your first car. Or having some years of work behind you but looking to get an expensive car so you can feel like you’re living. After […]

High resolution car wallpapers

Sponsored post: If you’re a car fan (which you obviously are if you’re reading this blog), you might be interested in high resolution car wallpapers. If you’re anything like me, then you probably switch your desktop wallpaper often, just because you saw that nice photo and you just have to admire it all day long. […]