Dacia Logan Break – between 8200 and 11600 euro

Dacia has launched at the Paris Auto Show its newest model, the Dacia Logan MCV (Multi Convivial Vehicle) and it will be sold in Romania starting october this year and to the other Dacia Logan markets starting from the beggining of 2007.

The Dacia Logan Break has a capacity of up to 7 seats and the price will vary between 8200 and 11600 euro, all taxes included.

The Dacia Logan MCV is the second of the six vehicle Renault program that will run untill 2009. The next version will aparently be in 2007 and its gonna be geared towards those needing to carry more, most probably a utilitary version.

Logan is the flag holder of the Dacia group, while in Rusia, Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador the Dacia Logan is sold under the Renault name. From september 2004 to july 2006 aproximately 315,559 Dacia Logan were sold in Romania and to the export, with a total of 42 countries where the car is bought now.

In Rusia, from the moment when the Dacia Logan was launched, more then 32,000 models were sold, with over 25,000 beeing sold in the january-july 2006 period. Due to this both the Mioveni and the Moscow plants will be upgraded. The plan from Mioveni, Romania will probably reach 350,000 Dacia Logan/year in 2008 and the Moscow one will probably grow from 60,000 to 80,000/year starting from 2007.

The Dacia Logan representatives have announced that the car will also be made in Iran, India and Brazil starting from 2007. In Iran, the Dacia Logan will be made by two local manufacturers, Saipa and Iran Khodro.

Overall, great news for the Dacia Logan fans out there. There might be better cars around, but nothing that beats the Renault-Dacia product at this price.

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