Dacia Logan Might Get An Automatic Gearbox

In the future, the Dacia Logan might have as an option an automatic gearbox, but this will be done only if the demand is enough to justify the extra investment.

Even as the decision hasn’t been taken yet, the fact that five pages of the Dacia Logan manual treats the use of an automatic gearbox with the car, including pictures, hints at the future.


And it might come sooner than the producer is willing to let us believe. According to the marketing director from Dacia, the car will continue to be sold for another 3-4 years and the manual also talks about possible improvements in this area.

There were no requests for automatic gearboxes in Romania, otherwise Dacia would offer them with the Dacia Logan, also said the Dacia manager.

While in Romania, France and Italy (countries where Dacia Logan sells best) the number of cars with automatic gearboxes are below 5% in general, in Germany, Holand and Great Britain they count for over 50% of the market.

So, while the demand exists somewhere, we can hope that the Dacia Logan will also get this option in the future.

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I am Dr.Yasser from Egypt and realy and urgently want to know , will Renalut Logan MCV be avilabe in market in near time weeks in Autamtic Gerbox or not , I like this car as I have a big family but its disadvantage that it has no Automatic Gerbox

Dr. Yasser, ask your local dealer. I have no information on Dacia sales in Egypt. I just know that it started being sold with an automatic gearbox in countries from the Persian Gulf .. but no idea if they made the same decision for Egypt.

Hallo! I live in Italy, could you kindly tell me if in my country is possible to buy a Dacia Logan or Sandero with automatic gear? thanks. mauro sereno.

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