Dacia Logan Sport From Renault

In the beginning of 2009, the Renault Group wants to launch a sport version for the Dacia Logan Sedan, with a 133 HP engine, the same engine that is used for the Renault Twingo Sport. At the same time, they will decide if the Dacia Sandero will benefit from the same treatment in Romania, according to Sophie Albertus, product director for the Dacia Sandero worldwide. She also said that the Sandero is expected to get 4 stars at the EuroNCAP test, more than the Dacia Logan, which got only 3 stars.

Besides the 133HP engine, the Dacia Logan Sport will also receive some design and technical changes, which are normal for such a car. No details have been given on which changes will be made.

Looking forward on a Sport model for the Dacia Logan, though a 133HP engine isn’t exactly ground breaking. It’s used on a sport Twingo after all, a lighter car.

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In my opinion, Logan is good car in technical point of view;but its design is very poor. It could be more attractive by just little changes.


I think logan is going to be the car of the future, yes it might be poor, but the future is going to be poor to, the world could be on logan’s wheels.

Well, considering the Twingo RS is expected to weigh in 1050 kg and the average Logan/Sandero is about the same weight, I’d say the Logan Sport will a have similar power/weight ratio to the Twingo RS. 🙂
Let’s hope Renault publishes some solid Twingo RS performance data soon, so we can get an ideea on how fast the Logan will be 😀

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