Dacia Logan Van first test drive, second part

This is the second part of the Dacia Logan Van test drive, made by Automarket, and translated by me.
Two of the Dacia Logan Van engines were tested, the 1.5L diesel and the 1.6MPI petrol. The differences are major in the conditions where both Dacia Logan Vans were loaded with with 250kg of sand loaded in bags in the loading area. In this case, the diesel starts slower and manages to catch up after that, while the petrol engine starts faster and it has a bigger maximum speed also, the difference being also made by the 90HP on board (167km/h, while its 142km/h for the diesel). The Dacia Logan Van didn’t have a problem reaching this speed with 2 people and 250kg of load in the car, but don’t expect more then that. Its not a family car after all. As for the fuel consumption of the Dacia Logan Van, all I can offer you is the official numbers, and those are 5.3 liters for the diesel and 8.1 for the 1.6MPI. The reason for our lack of information about the consumption is that the on board computer was taken out in the effort to cut costs.

The suspensions in the Dacia Logan Van are the same as those in the MCV and also the distance from the ground remains the same. Thats a possible minus considering that a Van should probably go places different then an MCV.

The interior of the Dacia Logan Van is a bit different then the huge space we’re used from the MCV or the versatility of the sedan. While there are only two seats, the wall that separates the areas is made of plastic, making the central rear view mirror useless and it was taken out. This is compensated by the lateral mirrors which are taken from the Prestige line of the Dacia Logan, so they’re bigger and work well on the road. The board of the Dacia Logan Van is the same as the other cars.

It remains to be seen which will be the impact for the small businesses, because the difference in price between the Dacia Logan Van and its competitors is around 3500-4000 euro. In the basic version the Dacia Logan Van costs 6700 euro with all taxes included. The most expensive version, the 1.5dci is not far ahead of that, with only 8800 euro.

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