This is how the Dacia Logan is made

Over 400.000 Dacia Logan circulate on the roads of the world right now. When you first enter the Dacia Logan factory at Mioveni you’re overwhelmed by its size, of over 3 million square meters. The factory works non-stop for the 850 Dacia Logan that exit the gates each day. This translates in a Dacia Logan every 7.5 minutes, each of them needing 23 hours in the factory for all the stages of the fabrication to be done.

  1. the first stage begins in the pressing section, where the 250 and 1000 tons force presses mold the sheets of metal into the 14 different elements that compose the body of the Dacia Logan. The sheets of metal have between 0.75 to 3mm in width and they’re imported.
  2. then the body is assembled in the welding section of the factory. The Dacia Logan factory is not the most modern factory, since people still maneuver the welding machines and its not automated.
  3. after the body of the Dacia Logan is assembled its inspected so that every imperfection is removed. They are controlled with a special glove and then the imperfections removed if any are found. Then they are chemically treated against corrosion and they’re painted.
  4. the last stage is in the section that mounts everything from headlights to chairs and engines. Each worker has 1 minute and 30 seconds to assemble his part, otherwise they mess over the whole line.

The last check is made when this is over, both in the inside and the outside of the Dacia Logan. After that the finished Dacia Logan is taken to a testing area, then waxed and sent to the customer.

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